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Hip Hop News – Enlarging Hip Hop Income Sources

May 09
13:17 2017

Hip Hop News – Enlarging Hip Hop Income Sources

Hip Hop news and income reports that the number of new income sources continues to expand from rap culture, despite the economic meltdown we are experiencing. Many non-rappers have begun to make small fortunes from the crazy rap depletion. Contrary to the popular opinion, hip-hop is no longer limited to rap music and break dance; Today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that influences everything from fashion to prime TV programming, professional sports, mass media marketing, and advertising. Today, hip-hop is a way of life, a culture that is intricately part of every segment in the daily life of adolescents.

This continues to present an ever-increasing opportunity for attentive and entrepreneurial people who can not rap, but who would like to work in the lucrative hip-hop industry. This market has also served as a financial safety net for ex-rap stars to supplement their income once their careers are over. Many have gone to launch their own marketing companies, others have lent their names to different products as a brand and others have quietly invested in these companies.

The accessories market includes such items as jewelry, clothing, rap beats, ringtones and more. Plus. An ever growing range of historical rap memorabilia collectors continues to be gobbled up as investments. This gives a clear and realistic way for the average person with an idea to hit on this lucrative $ 30 billion industry without having to produce rap hits or write dope rhymes.

When you listen to dope trap music on the radio, you automatically assume that they made the song. This is a commonly confused topic. What people do not realize is that most of these famous artists have writers who write songs for them. Sometimes the artist may come up with an idea, or a hook, but for the most part, when writers write, they write a full song. I have been around it and witnessed it first-hand.

Ghostwriters usually get the short end of the stick as they write hits for some of your favorite artists, but never get any money, let alone credit. So while these artists are out flaunting about their flow and their lyrics, most of them are not even writing them. Now, this is clearly not the case for every artist. Some artists have the dignity to write their own lyrics. However, whether it is the demand of the record label, or they simply do not know how to write lyrics, do not.

Because of the enormous growth of hip hop music, there’s a strong demand for the accessories that inspire the compliment the music. Thanks to the internet a growing number of global customers and manufacturers have joined the excitement. You can find wholesalers and manufacturers in China, Thailand and even India advertising for people to market their products in many trade magazines.

To make it easy for marketers, many manufacturers offer sales materials, training, and even websites to market their accessories. In this way, they reduce the risk for more marketers to engage and deal with them. As the demand for hip-hop accessories continues to grow, manufacturers and distributors need more people and businesses to market their products. And this is good news.

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