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How to write a song, without getting stuck: all about structure!

May 17
05:21 2017

Some people say that writing a song is all about being inspired. Even big stars often claim that they have found sudden inspiration for writing their hits while doing mundane things, such as having a shower, or even that they came up with a melody in their dreams!

Inspiration is indeed a great thing, but songwriting does not just happen when you are inspired and come up with a nice idea for some lyrics or a melody: it takes a little bit of work!

Once you come up with a nice idea, you need to develop it into a full song. It might seem hard, but you can follow a few guidelines to make it happen.

For instance, start by thinking about a structure. The average pop, rock or even rap song will usually have a similar structure, consisting of different sections, such as an intro, verse, choruses and bridges. Of course, no rule is set in stone, and it is important to experiment with different ideas and structures!

One of the biggest mistakes songwriters make? creating songs that are way too long. Beginners to songwriting would always wind up with songs that are even over 4 minutes, which is generally not the best idea if you are into pop, rock or rap, with the average song generally staying under four minutes to increase radio-friendliness. Again, no rule is set in stone: experiment and feel free to find your way to writing your masterpiece!

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